About Us

Bringing a taste of the country into the heart of the city...Party Pets Farmyard is pleased to announce THE OLD KENTUCKY MOBILE ANIMAL FARM
As part of the Party Pets Rare Breeds Farm and OLD KENTUCKY venture, Farmer Pat and staff provide interactive education sessions at agricultural shows, fetes and fairs. Children and adults alike who have not previously had an opportunity to experience a day on the farm are encouraged to participate in handfeeding and petting tame farm yard pets. 

Demonstrating how to bottle feed orphan lambs and baby alpacas, toe nail clipping for llamas, pack training for donkeys and carting with goats are just some of the exciting things you will see as part of the mobile display.

Sharing the same philosophy as Party Pets Rare Breeds Farm- the OLD KENTUCKY MOBILE ANIMAL FARM has a strong interest in the conservation and the preservation of rare breeds of poultry, pigeons and other livestock species, proudly supporting the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia and actively promoting heritage livestock species that are currently under threat of extinction. Such species include the traditional Hereford, Scottish Highland and Maine Anjou cattle breeds, Cheviot Sheep, Persian Sheep, Nigeran Dwarf Goats plus Crevecours, Heritage Black turkeys and Crested ducks just to name a few.

The emphasis at Party Pets is on having fun with captive farm animals, particularly the traditional Australian livestock breeds, who are kept as pets. The OLD KENTUCKY Mobile Animal Farm is available for hire, and offers fantastic birthday party packages that are tailored to children of all ages.

Party Pets Farmyard also participates actively within the local community- undertaking animal assisted therapy and reminiscence programs in aged care settings and disability sectors as well as attending open days at childcare centres. Party Pets and OLD KENTUCKY share a vision that interaction with domestic farm animals provides significant health benefits. We recognise the increased quality of life and the long term therapeutic companionship that such interactions afford our clients.

Party Pets also provides highly trained animals for advertising, film and television work as well as for corporate events such as grand openings, book launches and art exhibitions.